Pipe Degaussing

Welding pipes or structures with high levels of residual magnetism is a difficult task resulting in poor welds and delays in service. The residual magnetism interacts with the magnetic field generated by the arc causing instability called "magnetic arc blow." The various causes of high levels of residual magnetism in pipes include:

  • Transportation with electromagnetic lifting crane
  • Proximity to soil rich in iron
  • Residual magnetism coming from manufacturing processes
  • Incorrect welding techniques
  • The use of low-grade steels
  • Guidance with the earth's magnetic poles (tubes that travel around the equator on a ship)
  • Proximidade with high voltage overhead wires
  • Climatic factors like lightning
  • Use of magnetic flux inspection tools ("pigs"), as part of pipeline integrity management programs

Tecvib Engineering can help overcome problems of magnetism in pipes and avoid costly delays.